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Confusion over a new girl

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Ok, I think I've come to terms with the fact that I will only be friends with the first girl I liked. Even so, a new girl has come into the picture. She came in on the decision that she wanted to date may roommate and met him through a friend. Well by association I came to know her. First as a friend, but now it has changed.


I thought I had no chance I saw the two of them together and told myself I didn't have a chance. Well we've all known each other for about 2-2 1/2 weeks now and for a lil time of that she has started to change her mind of dating him. Tonight I was talking to her and we somehow got on that subject and I asked why she changed her mind and she said "Well, I've started to really get to know him and he is....weird. I want someone more laidback then that." Well I said, "Well I've got a suggestion, but meh." She said, "What is it?" I told her "Well, me." She said, "Nah, you are too laid back."


I heard this and in my mind I was like WTH! that isn't possible. From there we just kept talking like usual. Other than what she said about changing her mind she has showed me more attention than anyone else in our group (besides my roommate of course). I took that as a sign of some kind of affection, apparently I am mistaken.


This is sorta a half rant half question, but I was wondering if what she said killed any chance I have of getting together with her? God, the first girl was because I was too tall to dance with, now its because I am too laid back. Whats next? GAH!

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I think the best thing to do is just not to 'pursue' her - it could be a bit intimidating for her, especially if you've not known each other long. Give things time - but don't focus on her, because it'll be obvious! It could be that she just doesn't like you 'like that' and likes you (from the sounds of it a lot) as friends - or perhaps because she felt put on the spot she was embarrassed. Time will show if she likes you - and if not, at least you haven't put yourself on the line and made you both feel uncomfortable about it

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