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Alone N Thinking Off Him

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Hi Out There Am New To Forums. I Just Brokeup With My Boyfriend.

We Met In 2003 Lived Together For About 2years Then We separated For About 3months. He Moved Out And To Syracuse From The Bronx New York . We Stared Talking Again Ha Asked Me To Move With Him I Did. Before I Did I Ask Him If He Was Seing Someone He Said Know

I Believed Him. I Move To Syracuse And A Month Later I Find Out That He Lie To Me. He Dated This Girl And She Was Having His Baby. This Happen In July Of This Year. This Girl Had The Baby And Now He Moved Back In With Her. I Dont Know Anyone Here In Syracuse I Dont Have Anyone To Talk To. I Feel Like Calling Him And Finding Out What Happen

Why He Lie About Her And Why Did He Leave. I Feel Like I Need A Explanation

What Should I Do Call Him Or Not

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If you feel like you need closure and he never fully explained himself to you, then I say go ahead and call him and get him to answer all the questions that you have concerning the break up. Just tell him that you need him to be truthful with you no matter what and that you need closure.

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So he had you move out there and then just left you? Well, although your in a tough spot, it sounds like your better off without him. Is there really any explanation he could give you that would make you feel any better? I think the explanation is- he's just a selfish you know what. If you are feeling lonely, just stay on this sight and talk to people about this and other things. Or call someone. Im trying not to contact my ex as well. Its VERY hard. I know. But I think your better off not contacting him.

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Its going to take some time to heal. I think its good if he hasn't tried to contact you because it will allow you to start the healing process. I'm pretty sure that you have realized that it wasn't a healthy relationship and that you don't want to be in it right? thereforeeee now you have to start looking out for yourself.


You will miss him and you will want to talk to him but just take some time out for you right now

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yeah thats how I feel like I can't trust anyone after being hurt too but thats just gonna take time to heal. I think that you shouldn't get back with him if he has done that to you because once a cheater always a cheater. You just got to stay strong and see why this is the best decision for you. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone that you can't trust?

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Don't call him, you need to heal. I think being in the house alot and alone is not good for people who just came out of bad relationships. Being alone just gives you time to think about him which you don't need. The best way to get over someone is to stay busy and active in your life. Going out with friends and conversating with different people helps you forget him and eventually makes it easier. Focus on your goals and things you want to accomplish! It's time to start thinking about you and your life. It's hard getting over someone but being distracted thinking about other things helps alot! Focus on other things except him. He's no longer apart of your life so you have to put it behind you!


Please do not contact him. I think it's best you delete his number and move on with your life. Eventually you'll find someone better!

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