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Reflections on love loss...

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I was in love with a man once who broke my heart. But he did not break me nor did he break my soul. I miss him very much and there are times when I think about him, I start to cry. But deep down inside, I feel a great sense of pain from loss. I feel melancholy. I lost someone I loved and cared deeply about. And I think of these feelings as evidence that he was important to me, that he meant something to me. So no matter what, I feel it pointless in simply trying to "get over him". I think maybe I should just accept what I feel - that I will always like or love whatever it was that I saw in him.


Will this make me a stronger person? Will this help me grow into a better person? I don't know, but what I do know is that I allowed him to show me the world - and it was beautiful because he was beside me. I am blessed to have such memories of him and I don't regret it. Not for one moment.


PS: Would like people's thoughts...am dealing with this in a good way or am I just really in a different form of denial?

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I certainly can empathize.

That loss may not make you stronger, but it could deepen your compassion. Some people get over a major loss of love by accomplishment and pride, and others are prone to feel diminished and broken.


I wish it were easier for you, but time may help.

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I certainly understand you i once had a love that id do anything for. i loved him very much and i still do.. i feel very empty without him and there isnt a man in this world like him.. Its been five whole years without him but i never got over him i dont think i ever will. i force myself to move on because theres nothing else i can do. i emphatize with you.

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