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Ever heard of an job shadowing second interview?

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Hi everyone,


I had an interview for a account executive position with a marketign company yesterday. Sounds like it could be a great opportunity for me.


My question is this has anyone ever heard of a second interview that is 8 hours long and includes a job shadowing type of environment? I am to go today from 11 to 7 with an account exec from this company. I have no problem with it other than spending 8 hours on something that may not be legit.


So if anyone has ever heard of this type of deal let me know.


Thank you

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Hello piegirl,


I once went to three interviews at the Hoover vacuume company.


On the second interview, they actually had me repair a high-tech vacuume just to prove I could do it. I did very well. (I used to repair a 35 million dollar flight simulator, so...)


They didn't hire me because I didn't have any experience running a cash register. With ten minutes of training I'm sure I could have done that too.


This may be some process to see if you have patience and persistence.


If you wonder if they are legit, maybe you could look them up on consumer web-sites.


Good luck with the interview

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I use job shadowing all the time. I run an insurance agency and need give a prospective sales person a realistic look at the position. We spend a huge amount of money training reps and we don't want them to leave because its not what they expected.

I almost forgot. The reps they shadow give me a good insight as to whether they think the person will be a good fit.

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Yup, in some companies it is more commonly practices, it is not just to "test" you, but also to see how you "fit" within the company as a whole, and with others.


Generally, many companies now realize it is not just qualifications that matter, but how you fit within the organization.



Just, relax about it, and show that you are a great candidate, and ready to seize what they throw at you (if you really want the job at least!)

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