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Afraid to drive


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I was in a car accident 3 years ago and now I feel scared to start driving again. It was a minor accident, I was not hurt, but my car was destroyed.

I droved only a few times sinse then and always feel very tense and afraid.

I go into panic mode when by just seeing other cars on the road.


I feel that if I start driving again I would have more opportinities for career growth and more active social life. Just thinking about getting in the car and driving gives me goosebumps.


My mother is the same way, she is very fearful on everything, she drives now only because she absolutly must, she always goes way bellow speed limit and is rediculously causious. When someone else is driving she scams "danger!" every 5 minutes. Sometimes I get axious when other people are driving, but I make an effort to be quiet.


Any suggestions on how to get over the fear.

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how about if you just start a little at a time? like ask a friend to come with you, and drive around the block on a sunday afternoon? And maybe when you are ready, drive to a local ice cream shop. Once you start feeling more confident again, you can go longer distances, but for now, how about staying closer to home?


meds may or may not be the way to go, as many of them can make people sleepy and that isn't how you want to get into a car.


good luck

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I hit a deer once on a dark snowy road, and spent a year afterwards sweeping the side of the road with my eyes looking for potential deer! in other words, it is very normal to be traumatized after an accident and a little afraid, but it takes time to recognize that if you are driving responsbility (and not like a 900 year old lady), then your odds of having another accident are no different than anyone elses...


an accident is exactly that, an accident, and NOT an everyday occurrence. if you are really having trouble with this anxiety, maybe you need to go get a little therapy to address why your fears are so great so long after the fact... as they say, sometimes the only cure is to get back on the horse that threw you and ride... and you might do that with the support of a counselor or even a driving school... they specialize in people who are afraid of driving, and can maybe help you get new positive experiences to replace the fear you have right now. it is not worth stopping a full life because of a fear of what might happen in the future, because life is unpredictable, but certainly worth living fully in spite of that.

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Good idea, I should mention my sister does not drive either, she does not even have her licence.

I can probably go driving with my dad, but he can be a little irritable on the road. My parents have 2 vans, and i have a hard time seeing everyting propertly in a van, I have no problem with a car.

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