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I miss him so much :( I just want him back!

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I apologize in advance if this is long, but I would really appreciate some advice and I don't want to leave out any details..


My (ex) boyfriend and I broke up almost a month ago. We had been fighting a lot, I think because I'm insecure and uptight and he's just too laid back. One night we got into a stupid fight (I started), and I told him I wanted to re-think the relationship, and to call me the next day. He did, and I told him I didn't want to break up. Well, we ended up getting into it and he said "If you keep starting fights it's over" and I said "If you ever call me a b**** again it's over." Then later in the argument I said something to irritate him and he said "you know what, you're a B****! Are you happy? It's over!" and then I said "well I'll talk to you later" and hung up.


About a week later I wrote him a note and gave it to him in school. It pretty much told him how sorry I was and that I would wait for him if he needed time to think about things, and that I love him. It's been a couple weeks since I wrote that note, and he hasn't responded. He'll smile at me and wave if I see him in the hall, but he hasn't talked to me about anything.


All of this is tearing me up. I don't think he really wanted to break up, I think I pushed him to it, and he did it out of anger. I have been ignoring him for the last 3 days, in an effort to get him to miss me and possibly come back to me..but it hasn't worked so far. We are both 17, dated for 8 months (known each other a year) and were very much in love. I miss him so much..I want to talk to him, but I don't know what to say, or how to go about it. I don't want to bother him, as I'm sure he had his reasons for not responding to my letter.


Thank you for reading, if you made it this far. I would really appreciate any advice/oppinions. Thank you!

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Dont blame yourself for the relationship being over remember there is 2 people in a relationship i know that girls can b uptight at points believe u me (im one of them lol) but he also did wrong in his part by calling u what he called you, you should just talk to him about it, dont ignore him, b the bigger one in the relationship and apologize for how you were and explain to him how you feel.If he cant see past that then he wasnt worth your time and im sure you will find some one better...and im pretty sure he will see past that because if he has been with you for 8 months then he must had a reason Wish you the best



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Well when you see him in school Tell him you want to talk to him .. When he gives you the chance just tell him all your feelings how you miss him and you are sorry for being uptight with him and you know you were a bit out of line but he should also accept the responsability of his mistake when he called you the B word and let the converdation carry on

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IF you want to lose this man forever then you are heading in the right direction. Man listen to me, I am telling you..you better back away and give him some space. Your love letters to you are just venting and showing how much you care but you keep pursuing him and he is going to run like the wind.

Let anaylize the evidence,


The man called you a BIT@#! Anytime a man feels like he can get away with calling you a bi#ch and then again after you told him not to , he is getting away with what me and the girls like to call "murder". You need to show him that you can live without him, if not...then if you do get back with him, he will make you feel like he is doing you a favor. Avoid him, try this for just 3 days, this is really all its going to take. ANd listen...if he can go more then three days without you,,then he is not worth it. I would stop calling, I would be unavailiable. Try this, and ifyou want I will go into more details of what you can do, PM me, and I can assure you from recent and personal experience..this method works!

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