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I for one could do with some cheering up, so anyone have any happy stories where they split up with what they thought was the love of their life, got over it and moved on and then found someone else and relised this new relationship is better..


i suppose i just need to know its possible!!!

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Ha, Good one Virus. Happy stories here? I think you've come to the wrong place. Oh I'm just kidding. I have many happy stories and only a few stories that involved turmoil and painful challenges.


The way I see it, if you can take a lesson out of ever experience. If you can learn something new, then nothing (that's NOTHING) is a negative experience. Negative denotes subtraction. Taking something away. However if you gain something, if you learn and grow then every experience becomes positive even if it hurt. Thus in years when you look back you will be thankful for the lessons learned and happy that you have become the better person you are today.


Does that help at all? Well if not, I'll tell you this. Almost every relationship I've had has been better then the last. The girl is smarter, we connect better, the relationship is more meaningful and she is usually hotter ;o) that is because I learn and grow from each relationship, I am better equipped to find the right person.


How's that for a happy story Street?

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Ah crips, we all have 1000's of happy stories and only a handful of sad ones. Come one, why is it that we only focus on the negative? Today I went golfing with a few friends then we went for drinks after. I had a great time that was happy.


I've done tons of fun things with girls to in the last while. Looking back on my past relationships I have many happy memories. Trips to Toronto, trips to the beach. Just hanging out and stuff like that. Just because we broke up doesn't mean that all the happiness I felt was false and never happened. I'm quite happy now and I am all by myself.


So relax, besides my most recent ex is dating a loser who dropped out of school, snorts coke, can't tell a word of truth and has 0 ambitions. He's a joke, now that's entertaining. So take the positive and fun out of every situation. What's the worst that can happen? You walk around with a smile?

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