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Alright .. i wrote about this a few days ago.. but i need to know what you guys think.. my babys father has told me that his heart belongs to me but he is with someone else.. he told me resently that he knows he needs to tell her that he wants to be with me but he doesn't know when he is going to tell her.. i don't know if it is just a bunch of you know what just to make me happy or whatever but i really don't know if i should just wait and see what happens or just forget about it and try to move on.. i am afriad if i wait i will keep on getting hurt but i want more than anything to be with him because i love him so much..

if you guys can try to help me out i am really confused right now and could use some good advice!!!

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Hey, you replied to my messege about the speciel romantic thingy so ill help you. If your guy is smart, he would tell the other girl now. and stop hesitating. Well thats if he means it. In a way it sounds like bull shit but how can his heart be with you but he's with someone else? If that was true he would have never went away to someone else. Shit like this pisses me off just reading it. If i was yours i would be there for you. I treat my girl like she's the last thing in the world. Im obsessed with her and i would leave her unless she told me a big lie or cheated. Reply ash.

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I am not gonna give you advice, but simply share my story with you. Because advice is something someone who never makes mistakes would be ass enough to give out.


I have a baby's dad. I sat around waiting for him to be the man he should have been. He said he loved me... and then he married someone else. He left her. Tried to come back. And ended up cheating on me with her... fathering a daughter.


What did I learn from all that?


Nothing. I didn't learn SHIT. lol


But eventually... even though I loved the man.. I realized that I have a right to be happy. And the man that I was in love with was only tearing up my heart.


I decided to take care of myself. AND THAT... is when i learned something.


I decided that there were all kinds of love in this world.. but the most important is to remember to love yourself. To love yourself... enough to expect others to respect you. And to respect yourself.


I met another man. Who respects me. I didnt think that it would happen. But he claims my daughter as his. He treats us both better than the "Baby Daddy" ever did. And I am so much happier. (the perk is he is hottier than my daughters father... hehe!)


So instead of offering advice.. I will pose a question...


How long are you going to wait to be happy?

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