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Can anyone recommend a good do it yourself blonde hair dye?

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Hi, I am just curious if any of the girls have had good success dying their own hair blonde.

It is just that I am sick of spending a fortune at the hairdresser and never being happy.

In fact I now may have a hairdresser phobia.

Last time I went my hair went green. and I was up for $100.00's.

I really just want to touch up the regrowth and stay blonde but this past year I have been to so many hairdressers and even if I go back twice for them to fix it it is still awful and you pay so much.



If anyone can reccommend a good brand or technique to do this in the comfort of your own home I am all ears.


Many thanks.

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hi... i tried being blonde for a year, but all i got was terribly dry hair, split ends, broken off, dull, etc., with using endless 'products' to try to restore my hair's own lustre and health...


so i went brunette again, and never looked back... you need to ask, is blonde the right color for you, or just what someone tells u you should be??


if you are a naturally dark, healthy brunette, totally bleaching your hair to blonde may not be the right thing, just the latest trend, and not worth the effort or the destruction it causes you... at least 18 months, just to restore your hair to *almost* shoulder length without split ends and total dryness nothing will fix.

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If you want to get different shades of color, you can use Redken shades, it's very natural and not damaging, but you cannot buy it in the grocery store, you can buy it online on ebay, but it's really meant for professional use, so follow the directions carefully.


That said, if you have dark hair, it won't work to turn it blonde, but I have brunette hair, and I go to all wonderful shades, but I highlight (bleach first), then add nice browns and reds on top to dim down the blonde.


What you must remember is that when you bleach your hair, it will turn weird greens, grays, so you must add a toner on top (redken shades works for me) to even out the color, but I only highlight blonde, I don't do my whole hair, so you can give it a shot if you want.

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It also depends on the shade of blonde you want. If you want platinum blonde, you will undoubtedly have to bleach your hair, then apply the blonde. If you want a medium to darker blonde, and you don't have uber-dark hair, the bleach in the boxed dye SHOULD be strong enough; not always the case, but worth a shot. They also make color strippers, which takes all the color out of your hair, and then you apply the color of your choice. Those are typically for people who have already dyed their hair, and depending on how dark your hair color is, you may have to do it twice. (I went from two shades above black to a medium-light blonde stripping my hair twice.)


If all else fails, its just hair, and it will grow back, and can be dyed over. That's what's fun about hair!


Just a word of advice...never dye your hair red after you dye it blonde. It WILL turn pink! Trust me on this one!!

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I am a haircolor specialist for the past 10 years. I would never ever recommend lighting your hair more then 2 shades at home. I always will give my clients color formulas and such for darkening or lightning up to 2 shades. the problem with lifting a brunette to blonde is the underlying pigment of a brunette. Depending on how dark you are naturally there is a lot of underlying red, copper and gold in brunette hair. when you try to lighten it you will pull this pigment out. So unless you use an on the scalp bleach you will end up a brassy fake looking color. It really depends on what shade you are looking to achieve. But overall I wouldnt recommend it! Especially if your hairstylists are having issues achieveing the color you want. Have you ever though of doing a heavy highlight. Or honey/carmel highlights like Jennifer aniston?

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The only thing I can recommend is to not use a do-it-yourself hair blonde hair dye. Unless you are already blonde, it will make your hair have a slight orange tone. To have blonde hair you need to use bleach. This should not be done at home. A proper hair dresser will bleach it to white, then use a toner to get the appropriate color.

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