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You need to know that you won't be protected from stds, which hopefully if you are having sex, you have both been tested already.


Also, I hope that you would plan to use some other kind of birth control. Her going on the pill is a good idea. If she took it every day at around the same time, then the pill can be very effective. But even then, it's still not as effective for preventing pregnancy.


I guess in my opinion it's "ok" to not use condoms when you are both ready to deal with the possible consequences of that. And I would also hope you have already talked about what you would do if she got pregnant, and if that's something you could even risk right now.


I mean, you are never 100% protected with having sex. But using a condom definitely lowers the chances.


But my advice is, if you aren't sure you could handle a child right now, and you can enjoy sex with a condom, then why risk it even more?

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Make sure that she has been abstinent - including oral sex - for at least 6 months (other than with you) before being tested for STDs including aids - and same goes for you to protect her. I agree with the other posts re: pregnancy while on the birth control pill.

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