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Still want him back.. but don't know if he feels the same.. HELP!!


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Well first of al i'll tell you the story so far.. don't worry i'll TRY and keep it short and simple!

Well me and this boy we we out just under a year ago but only for 3 weeks the thing is i liked him for 6 months before our relationship and never stopped liking him. Everytime i think about him i have to smile. I've told some of my close friends and they say just let him know you like him but its not that easy. I'm not really a shy person quite loud at school but for some reason i havn't got the confidence with boys. i feel i will get rejection every time i think this is because i was an ugly lil thing when i was little LOL!!

Neways.. i was just wondering if any of you knew how i could find out if he likes me and what he feels .. mates or gf material! i talk to him quite often and have better comunication with him now than when we went out. I've only had one relationship since because i just don't like no one else.. It's kinda getting me down!!

Need to get him back bad!

Can anybody Help PLEASE!!! Lol

Lucii --x


One other thing is i'm quite insecure about my weight as i was fat when i was little all my family say ive lost weight but i haven't dieted or anything so... if any body has an opinion i'm 5,6ft and weigh 10 stone! does anbody consider this being fat!? lmao

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Hey there,


Welcome to ENA!!


I would spend more time with him and then watch his body language.


If he is really into you, he will lean into you, smile a lot, be very open.


Your weight is great, you're 140lbs, which gives you a BMI of 22.6, normal BMI is 18.5-24.9.


I am sure you look wonderful, the way you feel about yourself is how he will feel about you.


We project images of ourselves onto others.


Hugs, Rose

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Something I wanted to add:


I went from a BMI of 26.6 (overweight) to a BMI of 19.0 (normal) in the course of 6months.


I have not changed as a person as a result of the weight loss.


What I am trying to get at here, is that losing weight or changing your body will not change you as a person.


The outside is just the box that hides the beautiful contents inside, it's not what makes or breaks you.


Hugs, Rose

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Thankyou for everyones replies so far...


Well we didn't really know each other to start with it's just he asked me out and i was attracted to him visually for a while before... so i just said yes!


But it started off a lil quiet but we saw each other at college and went out on odd nights, talked and things but not much communication.

Then i wanted to finish it but my friends told me not to as i would regret it but i did end it and they were right!... but i think he felt the same because towards the end of the relationship he didn't talk as much!


Luce x

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Well, right now I feel like you essentially have nothing to lose by going for it. Best case scenario, he's been thinking about you and wants to give things a try. Worst case scenario, he just sees you as a friend, in which case you can start moving on emotionally. If you don't try and find out, you'll be stuck where you are right now for a while and prevent yourself from meeting guys that do want to be with you.


The fact that your communication is better now than it was before is a good sign. Try to spend some time with him one-on-one and see how he acts...And don't worry about your weight, it's just a number and doesn't necessarily reflect how you look...and certainly doesn't reflect what kind of person you are!


Good luck

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Thank you so much!!

Just caught him on MSN about 40 minutes ago... He said he was thinking about it too but didn't want things to go wrong like last time. So we decided on seeing each other for the moment.. suppose that's the right thing to do for now, maybe by next week we'll be something more!



X x X x X

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