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My g/f's been acting really negatively toward me lately. and i know she's tired and exhausted latly. she works alot and has school and whatever she's doing but it's more than that. It seems she doesn't want to talk to me at all. she doesn't even call me sometimes and other times she barly says anything, just one word awnsers when i ask her a question. when she doesn't call she's on the phone with somebody else everynight (which im assuming is 1 of her friends, i think?). i tried asking her whats up and she says nothing and then gets more quiet. i tried understanding but i can only neglect my feeling for so long. How could such an awsome spark during the summer fade into this? what do u think is going on in her mind?

btw its a long distance relationship and we could only talk on the phone.

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It's very likely that she found someone else (possibly an 'offline' guy). If this is the case, the odds are stacked against you, unfortunately. Instead of asking her what's going on, try finding another girl. If you can't do that, at least be cold and distant to her. The more you fob off a girl, the more likely she's going to come running back.

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Hey ConfuzedBoy89,


I'm sometimes in the same predicament as you are currently. I'm in a LDR and my boyfriend sometimes feels too tired to talk. I know he hasn't found anyone because he hardly goes out with girls and he goes to an all boys school, and I'm sure he doesn't swing that way, I'm positive, hehe. Anyways, could there be any other surrounding factors that have affected her feelings lately? Could it be family matters? Maybe you could try and cheer her up. Make her a card! Try writing inside the card that lately you know she's been feeling gloomey, but hopefully everything clears up. Be sweet, maybe that's what she needs now. If she did meet an "offline" guy as someone suggested, I think she would have told you, rather than leading you on, but you never know, she may be sneaky. Ask for her true feelings. Take care.



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