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god message 2


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message of god 2


children of god where is your faith

you go through little suffering

and it your life you wanna take

you talk about sorrow

with no hope it will get better tomorrow

we wine like babies when something go wrong

but when time is good

we act all mighty and strong

only in needs

we bend on our knees

asking him for something

begging him please

but when all is good

we forget about our brother hood

shame on us

our sin is contageious

we say we love god

and in him we dont put our trust

i am so upset


even vex

to hear we talk about sucide

and how we wanna die

we so ungrat-ful

why cant we see we are beautiful

no more weeping, we are not pittiful

children of god tell me where you stand

if we are broke

does made us less of a man

is money ,sex

is all that so important



over god is that your pick

to say you gay

and you born that way

do really believe you living the right way

are we blind and letting the devil lead us a stray

tears come in my eyes

whenever i look in our lives

no one seem to care

we all live in fear

how many should die

before we realise

our way of living is

not at all wise

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