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hey all


Just a quickie update to let you all know that tonight I bumped into the the new guy at dinner, and I managed to speak!! He came over to me first, and joked around with me and I bantered right back. Before I left, I went over to him and did the same sort of playful banter, and he got all serious on me. Just as I was about to question myself, he broke into a big grin cause he was just kidding with me by being all serious. After that I had to go, but I thought it was a good sign, no?




My original post:




I am new here and I was hoping someone out there might be able to give me a few tips. I have looked around on the forum and every one seems nice so I thought I would give it a shot.


So as the name says I a shy girl. Although I have gotten to be more outspoken, when it comes to the opposite sex I go from the confident aspiring law student to the blushing shy mute that I was 10 years ago.


There is a new guy at my work, and he seems really nice. I havent had tons of contact with him, but I will as the months go on. We dont work in the same dept or building for that mattter. When we have chatted though, its very friendly and nice with lots of eye contact on both parts. He seems super nice and a bit shy too, but lord, he has an awesome smile. It just lights his whole face up!!


So the other night a friend of mine and I were talking and she was telling me why she fell for her ex husband and it was because he had the bad boy image. The new guy makes the comment about how he doesnt get why women do that, and how it "sucks for us nice ones left behind". I said that I didnt know why women do that, I personally never understood it myself. The thing that struck me though, is the way he said it. Not bitter by any means, but like maybe he is single because of it. I dont know, and now I am rambling and overanalyzing.


So here is my question, how do I get to know him? I have 2 friends that work with him, but I dont want word to get around or anything like that. I havent done this "getting to know you" phase in a LONG time. I mean I can talk to him about movies and music and then after that I am out of topics. Any suggestions???


Thank you so much!!




p.s. I am in the process of getting the 4 of us to do a go out one night after work" kind of thing, but no luck so far.

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