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Ever seen a Ghost (Advice Needed)


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Ok, So me and my ex broke up 6 months ago nearly to the day, she had had enough of me becuase I never appreciated her, I was always too busy with my friends etc etc, we was in love yes very much but I forced her away, we was together for 5 and a half years from the ages of 18 and 15 to 23 and 20.

I came to these boards after finding them and they helped immensley but after time I managed to wean myself off them and never came back because I knew I was getting better and reading posts here set me back, i.e. It was no longer the "safe" place I mention in my past posts.


Anyway its been six months and my Dads girlfriend had her 40th birthday party this weekend and my dads band played as the entertainment with me doing vocal dutys.. anyway I come off the stage and my mates says, you'll never believe who's here, yep my ex was stood in the crowd with 3 of her friends.


Now we havent said a word since we split up she kind of tried to block me out, but there she was at my Dads GFs 40th, I didnt speak to her cos I was terrified, It was like seeing a ghost and even weirder because she would always be at the music gigs when we was together.


So just when I think Im doing well, and I really believe I was getting there.. It was like resurecting the pain and anxiety feelings and I found myself driving round last night looking for answers in my head, something I havent done for 4 months...


But guys why did she come, yeah I think she was invited but she was hardly a "good" friend of my dads girlfriend, she only knew her becuase of me...


So yeah as usual Ive got the thoughts back, why did she come, what did she want, reconcile???? I dont know... All I know is that I still love her, still want to be her Boyfriend when I convinced myself I didnt and now I want to call/her email her.


Can anyone throw some light on the subject or at least offer some advice or an explaination. bearing in mind I sent her the sweetest 21st birthday card 2 months ago..


Thanks all.

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Tough situation....I wouldn't read into this as an attempt to reconcile. If she didn't approach you at the party or make any other attempt of communication then I'd think she was just there. No motive. Let it go hun, you've worked so hard these last 5 months-don't fall back. Keep moving forward.

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