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Would it be worth it?


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I'm considering living with a friend for a while. If I decide to, it'll be no earlier than November. I'm just wanting some opinions on the situation.


Here's the pros and cons.



-I could wear my makeup however I like.

-I could dye my hair the color I want it.

-I could get some of the piercings I want.

-No angry, bipolar, depressed jerk of a father around.

-No immature and rude sister around.

-Pretty much no rules.

-My parents would have more money without me to pay for/take care of.



-I will have no money unless I get a job soon.

-I have to move out of the friends' house by March, says her mom.

-My parents might not let me come back home.

-I will most likely have to leave my dog at home.

-My mom's not that bad and it'd prolly upset her if I left anytime soon.


(I know to most people the freedom to dye your hair a certain color, or dress a certain way, etc. seems stupid. But when you look in the mirror one day, and you're like, "This is finally me. I'm happy." and then your parents and everyone else judge you and tell you it's all wrong and it's bad and ugly, then it feels like they're saying you're wrong, bad and ugly.


If you're familiar with my posts, then you know that problems I deal with. Sometimes I feel like I could be a lot closer to happy if I wasn't around my father and sister. They both make me feel guilty for being me, for breathing, for taking up space.


I know almost every teenager feels the need to get out, get away. But sometimes I feel like my life depends on it.)


State your opinion, kindly please.



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