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sex while on period


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we couldn't wait and we had unprotected sex 2 full days into what has been her heaviest period in awhile...


i came inside her, she was close and i was close and we just got lost...not too funny but whatever it happened.


What are the chances? shes still pretty heavy judging by me being covered with it, but 2 days in...is there a new egg in there?

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yes she can get pregnant from that.


Also you can transfer sexually transmitted deseases.


Oh, for those that may disagree that you cant get pregnant? One of my best friends that I have known since we were but 5 and 6 years old, she had a child at the age of 17 and how did she get pregnant? ON HER PERIOD.



At this point all you can do is wait. how long ago was this? She could also take the morning after pill to be sure she doesnt conceive... but it must be taken within 72 hours of the 'mistake' for it to be any help...


Think about it man, no matter how safe she thinks it is are you ready to be a father yet? If you arent then dont do it without condoms.

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It can and does happen - rare...but it can.


The idea with her bleeding is the getting rid of a unfertilised egg...she would 'normally' ovulate and produce a new egg 12-14 days fromt the 1st day of her period...


The chances are slim...but Yes there is a small chance she can still get pregnant.


I would recommend the Morning after pill as a precautionary measure...unless you want babies?

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little offtopic but I'm a little 'surprised' a boy even wants to do it during this period (I mean, with all that blood. I proposed my bf(now exbf) to do it safe during my period (cause I didn't decided yet about taking the pill or no and thought with using a condom there almost wouldn't be a chance anything could go wrong by doing it then, but he didn't like the idea of that blood (I can understand but think that if I were in his place I wouldn't mind that much. I mean, I like hís taste (even if he get 'acid' up in his throat (from his stomack) or no mather what) and smell, etc.. And my plan was to take a shower before..)


Think the best is to take the morning after if that's still possible and maybe ask her how long her cyclus is (normal or not?) b/c mine has been 3months when I was younger (during about a year) and until the last time it was all the time about 6 weeks (I mean, then there would be less chance (when it's longer)but maybe doesn't mean to follow up less the advice).

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I'd also agree that it's probably a rare case if she gets prego. I didn't think anyone really did it during that time! I myself find the blood to be repulsive and it's my blood. I can't imagine someone else getting that sickness all over them. You must have been some kind of horny!

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I am also very surprised that you wanted to have sex while her being on such a heavy period.


I have been with my husband for 6.5 years and we have had sex while on my period ONLY on a day when there is absolutely NO blood. (Now that I am on the pill I get my period heavy for one day, then nothing, then heavy... its crazy..


It makes my husband sick to think of all of that blood and especially being coated in it.. I would never have sex when I actually have my period... Even when I sort of have my period I am always embarrassed about there being blood on his penis soI always make him not look until I see... luckily there never has been blood on him..

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Buy condoms and discuss other forms of birthcontrol the next time. I think it's safest to assume that a girl can get pregnant all days of her cycle (it's a matter of CHANCE, it's never black and white). As for other things, if of you was not a virgin before you started having sex with each other, use protection and get yourself tested for STI's/HIV asap. You can get the tests for chlamydia and gonnorhea immediately, for HIV you have to wait three months at least.



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Couples quite commonly have sex during menstruation.




It's certainly not a sickness. It's just a bit of blood along with other normal bodily fluids.


For me it won't be a problem, I mean, I don't dislike his fluids b/c I love him that much, I love about everything about him and would share so much with him so maybe I'ld even like it to be able to do it during period but I thought b/c of his explanation/reaction that it could indeed be a 'ugly' idea but now I understand it depends on the person (and maybe the person would change his mind..)

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I don't have a problem with it as long as my boyfriend is cool. If he's queezy, then I am too! Nonetheless, my doctor informed me a while ago that you can contract STD's more readily if you are on your period because there is much inflammation and fluid exchange and she just cautioned me to be careful.


As to the risk of pregnancy, there's only one true method and yes, sometimes girls are quite irregular and pregnancy risk is much higher then and even in regular girls, it may happen because they may go through an irregular phase. Rare, but true.

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