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Hello, I'm a single mother of a 6 year old from a heterosexual relationship. I've recently discovered my bisexuality and is having a hard time coping with it. Not so much because I'm in denial .. and quite frankly, I'm not even 100% sure as of yet - but because it's difficult for me to date because of my status, let alone be able to find women. Where are they hiding? I'm not a bar/club person but would like to meet someone to spend time with .. and maybe discover if I'm truly bi or not. These past few days especially have been difficult because I feel dormant .. I'm not able to talk with anyone I know about this so it's lingering inside of me. Not sure what to do about it. Any advice? I've always been an open-minded type person and the thought of potentially being bi does not scare me. It excites me actually .. but how will I ever know for sure?

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I should add .. recently I met a girl online who I REALLY wanted to meet. She would be the ideal person for me. For reasons of her own, she decided I was not a match for her and it broke my heart .. ok not literally but I was really disappointed. It felt like I got a big kick in the gut. I think of her from time to time still but isn't able to do anything about these feelings. I feel surpressed. I've also not dated any men for several years - little interest to be honest.

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well are you attracted to girls bodies or do you actually want to date them? if/when you get to kno them?


I've always thought the woman's body was attractive and I think I've even had crushes on a few of my friends in the past (without knowing). I thought all women checked other women out but I've learned recently this may not necessarily be true. I want to date them.

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Ok. What's the problem exactly?


Sounds like you would like to try dating women. Cool. However - I don't know how many women will be keen on starting a relationship with you to help you 'figure out if you are bi'. That could twist someone's heart all up, yes.


You may be better off at the moment finding friends to commiserate with. There are clubs, centers, contact groups. And maybe some folks around here can help. I assume? you are already checking out on-line support and people to talk to who have been where you are at.


Where are they hiding? They are all over. The tricky thing about it is finding out who is interested, who is not, who is confused (eeks!), etc.


An awful lot like hetero dating, actually. lol. Except with new trials and confusions.

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my 2 cents.

.. and that would be?


Thanks everyone.


itsallgrand: You do have a point and my problem is figuring out the best way of discovering myself without hurting anyone in the process. The lady I mentioned wasn't keen on helping me and was probably the reason why she stopped contacting me. I was atleast up front and honest with her and that's all I can be.


I'm not into the bar/club scene. I'm 30 - been there done that, sort of speak. I have been to several support websites but I haven't been given a lot of support, aside from this thread, so far. I met a few ladies in similar situations but they live far away ... sooooo, it's going to be a guessing game for quite a while and that's a hard realization for me. As I've said, I'm looking to date a woman.

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I'm not sure if I have permission to do this or not (some forums allow it) but I created a new site for all the Canadian lesbians and bisexuals or family/friends who are connected with them. I just created the site today and could use the support. Maybe you can help me pass on the word?


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Thank you.


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Thank you everyone for your support. I have to tell you though, the link I provided somehow got defaced so I did move into a new forum. Here's the new link:


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For all you Canadian women, come check us out and share your experiences with us.

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My site is doing quite well so far. It's only just a little over a week old and we already have 51 registered Canadians. I haven't been on any dates yet. I'm taking one step at a time. When the right one comes along, I will step up to the plate. I've met a couple who I'd be interested in but unfortunately, they live in Ontario. lol

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