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I need help in what to do....

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Hi everyone....I've had a hard few weeks....it started about 3 weeks ago...i was at a party i had to leave early...about an hour after i got home my mate Rory rang me to tell me that my gf had cheated on me with some other guy after i went.

She was drunk and she rang me that night and said sorry and that it was a mistake...and begged me to forgive her..and i did...and i thought everything was good...shre was frunk when it happened and i understood and trusted her...but 3 days later she just stopped in the middle of a crowded street and said...'this isn't gonna work.....'...i was crushed at the the time...i mean i really liked her..and i wanted to forgive and forget and get back to normal...and if i could i'd get back with her...it's been a while now..and if anything i feel worse now than i did then...and i dunno what to do really.....am i being stupid?

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NO, your not being stupid, but, she may have done you a favor in breaking up with you.


You deserve someone that will be faithful to you. You deserve someone that you can trust. Once trust has been broken it is very hard to rebuild it.


Good Luck with healing from the breakup, I know your going through a rough time right now.

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