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Okay this is gonna sound alittle embarrassing lol but here goes, for the past little while now I've been having trouble going pee on command. Sometimes I'll feel like I really have to go but it will take me awhile to actually go... If I sit down I find it easier to release but I'm concerned something might be wrong... Anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? Oh and for your information I smoke marijauana dunno if maybe that has something to do with it... Thanks in advance for any help

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Marihuana influences the autonomic sympathic nerve system to which your uronological pathways are connected to. Changes to the Cerebrum's neurological tracts have been scientifically proven in tests with rats that were subjected to even small dosis of marihuana and caused chronical changes within the rats brain as well as in human test subjects.


I advice you to seek consultance with a uronologist. Even tho its embarrasing, you need to tell her your story, your past history of drug usage, along with some strong will to get rid of all your bad self destructive habits in life.

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