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Hey Everyone.

I haven't posted on here much, but I've been reading everyone elses advice for awhile now, and I thought I'd just ask a question. I've spent the past 2-3 months getting over my ex, and I think I'm almost there. One day last week, things just felt better and I've felt GREAT ever since and there's someone I've been talking to for about 2 months (we were both going through the same type of breakup) and I think I might be starting to like him...my question is should I actually try dating again since I feel good and WANT TO, or should I wait and see just to make sure that this isn't just a HIGH. I have a feeling that I really am over my ex, but there is still that small fear I have of this maybe just being a good part before another bad one hits, and I don't want to hurt this new guy.


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