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  1. Thank you. Big hugs to you as well.
  2. If there is in fact "something else going on with me," why on earth would I share that with you when you have been belittling throughout this exchange? And, if you think this is such a waste of your time, move on to another thread.
  3. What are you talking about? There was nothing about my OP that suggested I was losing my mind over this butt dial. I even had to explain when I said "faint" that I was being sarcastic. I think the real problem is that you think this issue is trivial and therefore a waste of everyone's time. That is what is so off-putting about your statements and started this "argument." Insisting that you know what is best for me is presumptuous and, dare I say, unkind. I know myself and this situation better than anyone. I am the expert on my life. I asked for opinions. Some said delete him. Some s
  4. No, I did not come here for support then. Why would I when there are people on here who seem to think only few are deserving of support and compassion? And, who are you to judge someone's level of pain and misery? What do you know about me and my relationship history with this particular ex or anyone for that matter? You know nothing about my personal history with this man and the heartache I experienced. Does that mean you will berate me because I don't meet your criteria for compassion? I do not equate whatever is happening with me at the present time to the trauma experienced by an S
  5. Yes, thanks for the supportive words. I don't post on here frequently because I often feel misunderstood and judged. Now, there are those on here who who are trying to make me feel worse for the butt dial because "i must have been looking him up because Whatsapp doesn't allow for butt dials" or I must be lying about the butt dial otherwise I wouldn't be posting here or I am broken inside because I have come to the sad realization that my ex doesn't love me when I still love him. Honestly...it was an accidental call and, during a pandemic, I decided to reach out to this community to actually
  6. who are you calling crazy when when you read every single one of those 4 pages! lol. Thanks for the laugh.
  7. Yes, Batya, I believe in my heart of hearts that he didn't want a commitment with anyone. And, I don't think he treated me horribly because he never cared about me. I think this was about him....I know it was about him. I remember you now...your blunt manner of writing....."he didn't want commitment with you or anyone...''....stinging.
  8. Thank you for asking this question. It's a good one. I don't know what I want...not exactly. My ex and I broke up over the issue of commitment...he wants to prioritize his career and he has never had a long term relationship before me (we were together for 1 year). He's an actor...this is a long story. Anyway, in order to spare you the deets, things were going relatively well and then he wanted to end it. He wanted to remain friends which didn't really interest me...I realize that he cannot give me what I want....not not...maybe not ever...and I don't want to date someone who doesn't want
  9. Yes, thank you. I don't feel as awkward and ridiculous as I did on Friday when all of this went down.
  10. Thank you for your very kind words.
  11. I didn't have a hair trigger response to you. I did not agree with your advice...not in it's entirety anyway. And, I said so. I understand what blocking means. He will not call me. But, the bigger problem, for me, was avoiding butt dialing...especially an ex. I took care of that by deleting the contact. It seems that people expect me to agree with every single piece of advice given. And, if I push back, I am defensive, not grateful or have an out of control temper. I do not need to block someone who will not call me. And, if he does, I can handle it by talking to him or not. I don'
  12. Thank you for saying that. Apologies to you as well.
  13. Well, by removing him completely, I don't run into the danger of butt dialing him on the phone or an app like Whatsapp. He hasn't called me since the break up and didn't call me after this outbreak. The only reason we even had contact was because of my butt dial. I don't think he will respond, and yes, that does hurt to think about. But, it is what it is. And, I responded the way that I did because ultimately I have to decide how to deal with my ex. I know myself and the situation better than anyone else. Deleting him as a contact seems like the best option.
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