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How do you get over it?

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it's day 6 of the "break-up".

I'm realizing more and more, it's over.

I have so many questions that I know will never be answered.

memories they keep rolling through my mind.

My last physical contact with him was so affectionate and sweet. I had no idea. (He broke it off on the phone)

It was only a week ago that he said how much he loved me. (it's hard for him to say that) I know he meant it.


I keep thinking how did this happen? we went through so much to be together.

Was it all a lie?

I'm lost....


help me through this...

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When you drive your car into a dead-end road. And you realise that that wall in front of you indeed signifies THE END. Then the only thing you can do is accept this, turn your car around and head back to the main road with your life.


I think that you loved him far more then that he loved you back, in any case even if those questions remain unanswered. It doesn't matter, what matters is that it takes two to decide to be together, and he decided by his free will that he'd rather be alone. And although that can hurt terribly its a choice that you have to respect.


Hun i want you to give yourself time to heal, and reflect this relationship. Cherishing it for the good moments you two had with eachother, you might want to see a theraphist for this, because in my opinion you have a severe need to talk about this. Venting is good, although it won't give you any answers to your questions, in the end only the future lies open to you, in which you could start a new relationship, a new life with a new future ahead of you. But for now, pick up the shattered pieces of your heart, glue them back together, give yourself time, talk talk talk about this issue and move on with your life once you are ready to participate in normal life.

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I can relate!


I'm on day 10. She loved me so much just 1 month ago and we were secure. She went on holiday and everything changed. I'm left with questions I want answering and its so frustrating. She wanted no contact which I gave her but now she's IMed me and I want to ask her lots, but I can't. Its a long hard road, but we are all here to help each other. They miss you, how could they not?! But for now, think of yourself as that is what they are doing right now.


Be safe.

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