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y wont she let me go down on her


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i posted a thread aboutthis issue the other day but i couldnt find it and idk what i did wrong. anyway, i want to go down on my gf but she wont let me. she says its not appealing sounding at all to her.but if so many girls/women enjoy it why wouldnt she ya know? we were virgins when we started dating so i'm the first to try this. i figured she was just gonna be shy at first but weve been having sex for like 5 months now and she'll only let me kiss her upper thigh. i dont want to pressure her i love her buttt, i would def like to understand her frame of mind better....y would she not find the idea appealing? how/can i open her up to the idea with out being a * * * * and pressuring her to let me?

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