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i lost it all

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Well i hate to say it, but i think you need to get yourself back... your ex can do nothing for you.


Take a long hard look at yourself... and you will see what i mean.


No one completes you but yourself. And if you feel this alienated due to a breakup, then you may have deeper running issues.

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Mr. Stealth,


Many here have experienced the way you feel right now.


To put this into real perspective, you lost a girlfriend who was part of your life. I can understand that being rejected by the person you love can make your self-esteem shoot down to below your ankles. It may even cause temporary depression. These are all common and normal feelings.


Sorry to hear about your situation. You might want to consider creating a journal to help get some of your feelings out on paper, or talk with friends. Also, I find working out to be an effective way to help balance your emotions especially during this tough time.


Hang in there. She was part of your life, but she did not break you. No single person can actually break you. You may be down for now, but not out.

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