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Going to chef school and Living in London

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I know nothing of culinary school or living outside the US, but as a Food Network junkie, I would be soooooo jealous if you pursue that


I do know a good number of the members on the board here are from the UK, and will probably be able to answer your questions about living there...just give them some time to find your thread.

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London is expensive but there are ways to find cehaper accommodation. Sharing with roommates (flatmates in England) is one. Sometimes you can find hostels. Central London is more expensive although you might find some good places around Earl's Court, Hammersmith, Notting Hill.

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A great website that I used whille backpacking is:


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These websites are where people can find someone who is willing to host people in their home for however long the host feels comfortable with. I have used them a lot to meet up with local people and compared to hostels you get the advantage of "local knowledge." From there your host can point you in the direction of where to live etc.


Its a great starting point.

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That's great you are thinking about culinary school. I actually just started going to culinary school in Providence, Rhode Island. Have you ever had any experience in the food industry? If not, I suggest you give it a go here in the states first. It can be quite tough and demanding. Don't let that get you down though. That's just how it is in the restuarant world. You can get your feet wet that way and see if you truly like it. I've been cooking for the last 4 years and finally decided to put myself back in school. Most of my class mates are fresh out of high school and I'm sure most of them will end up changing their minds at some point and may not want to be a chef. If you want to go abroad that would be very exciting. I would almost suggest the program in Paris, France. It's well known. That's the true Le Cordon Bleu. Good luck with everything.

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I've been wanting to study in London since I was 16 (I'm going to be 22 soon) and I'm finally in the process of moving out there. I plan on leaving next summer. I'm terrified and still working on the living situation but I'm confident. I'm heading out on a short trip early next year to take a look at the school and at London itself to get a feel for it.


I would also like to know more about living in London

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