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Some of you may remember the last time my ex called my house to talk to my sister. She did it again tonight. The thing is that, until that point, I'd had a TERRIFIC evening with my new g/f. She called, and my mind went blank and I was blinded with anger. So I took this wonderful opportunity to exert my burst of anger and call her back to tell her she didn't have any business calling my house, in not so kind words. Then I told my g/f about it, and she got angry as well.


It was at this point that I started worrying about what I've gotten myself into. My g/f texted my ex, simply telling her to not bother me anymore because she was with me now (I explicitly told her not to use harsh words and rub it in her face, and keep in mind that this was her idea and I didn't want her to do it at all). Alright, so my ex texts her back calling her some very vulgar names and cussing her out. My g/f told her that at least she wouldn't leave me for some other guy. From here on out, it was between the two of them, but I can't help but feel responsible for pulling my g/f into this. She doesn't deserve to have to put up with my ex, and I simply want nothing to do with her.


Anyway, my ex texts back trying to convince my g/f that I'll mistreat her and such (which I NEVER mistreated my ex, she just couldn't keep her pants on). As if thats not enough, an hour later my other ex (the one that completely changed who she was after we broke up, and I recently became friends with again) emails me. It had nothing to do with anything that was going on, but it was a bit odd that her friend saw me and my new g/f today and that my recent ex had been trying to get in touch with her for a while. Anyway, it was a very casual email apologizing for not calling in a while and updating me on how she was doing. I congratulated her, told her of my new g/f, and encouraged her that she would be surrounded by hot guys when she moves to Knoxville(another update she sent).


Me and my g/f had a TERRIFIC little celebration of today being Friday after school, so I'd been in a great mood. When all this trouble started, I wouldn't let myself show her that it bothered me outside of it pissing me off that she was harassing my g/f. I just know that my ex and the guy she left me for are going to come into Kmart hoping to make me jealous, and at this point it just makes me mad that she still has the nerve to bother me like this. If I really did mistreat her, why would she still love me? If she really didn't love me anymore she wouldn't keep trying to make me jealous, she wouldn't be playing these games by "calling for my sister", and she wouldn't have cussed out my g/f for simply telling her to leave me alone. I don't want her anymore, and all I ask is to be left alone.


Have I made a mistake here? I just want to do whats right for my g/f; I think I may be falling for her in a deeper way.

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Hi Majoraslayer,


First off, congratulations on the good times and the new gf!


Who knows what the ex is up to. If she and your sister are friends, then in my opinion she can call for a chat. If she is truly calling to "check up" on you, then she doesn't have the right to call. Your sister will eventually figure out that she is only calling to find out what's up with you and she will get tired of it.


I wouldn't get my new gf involved with the ex. Ask her not to communicate with your ex in anyway. If you should happen to talk to your ex by mistake, politely let her know that you are as committed to the decision of breaking up as you were in the relationship that you use to have with her. Then sever all ties.


Try and stop wondering "why" and "what" the ex is up to. Give the your new gf 100% of your attention.


Good Luck!


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I'm not really concerned about what she's up to so much as I just want her to leave me alone. She's not really "friends" with my sister. They talked once on the computer after we broke up, and before that may have spoken a total of 5 times throughout the three years we were together. She's calling to keep tabs on me and to make sure word gets to me what she's up to, and I really don't want to know.

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Oh I agree, I don't want to know what my ex is doing. I don't care. She sent her friends over a while ago and fortunately I wasn't at home. I told her friends that I am with new company and they should call before they want to come over. If I don't answer the phone, I'm not at home.


Maybe you could tell your sister not to say anything about you. Or you might not have to tell your sister your plans. I don't really know your situation. I too don't wish my ex harm or well. I just wish she would leave me alone. That's all.


I have found that when I do nothing, she does too. It seems as if she wants to keep track of me and my life, but when she can't she leaves me alone. I really think that your sister will get tired of her calling just to see what you are up to. I would, wouldn't you? I think this shows that your ex has a shallow character in using your sister to find out things about you. It doesn't mean anything more, your ex just wants to know what you are up to.




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