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My friend told me that she might kill herself

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Note: We are freshmen in college.


I was trying to encourage my friend to pursue honors classes at our university, even though she didn't get into the honors program. I think she took not getting into the program quite hard. I didn't realize how hard until this conversation I had with her. She said specifically, "you're not getting it. If I "tried to get into Honors and I didn't. I will ****ing kill myself... you think i'm joking. but I'm not" She later went on to say, "even if I wanted to kill myself... [her boyfriend] would stop me >.>...i mean [her boyfriend] would be the only reason why I wouldn't do it"


I know her roommate quite well and trust her, so I brought this to her attention. She said that she didn't notice anything to this severity but did feel this person was very stressed out at times, especially with the college change. We discussed my friend for quite a while. Afterwards, we went over to our student health center and looked at a few pamphlets on suicide. We then decided to call a mental health hotline to get their advice. The hotline suggested that we confront our friend with this and encourage her to seek help.


The roommate and I are this girls two best friends. I want to help my friend, but I would prefer to do it in a way that doesn't result in her hating us. But I would also prefer her hating me rather than her dead.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should approach my friend with this or when would be the best time?



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Treat her with care and don't push her to hard. If you pressure her to talk about it she could run or completely deny the subject both bad things to happen in this situation. Just be supportive. Tell her you all have bad times and say you'll always be there for her. If you seriously become worried about her then you have to bring it to a professional. Only they will be able to truly help her. Good luck and i hope she feels better soon.

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I agree with the others do something. Maybe look into something where you can report your friend and remain anonymous(spelling?). One of my friends found out I was suicidal and told the guidence councelor in high school. I never knew which friend it was but it helped me. And my parents found out. That lifted a huge burden from my shoulders. Keep us updated.

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Dont both of yous talk to her at once it might stress her out, talk to her one on one both of yous have a word to her, tell her that you care and dont want her to go, etc and ask her if she would like to go get help and that you would really like it if she would. But dont make her do anything that she doesnt want to it will make her worse let her do things at her own pace

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