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Worried about the emergency pill

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I had sex last week (he wore a condom, it split), and the next day took the emergency pill. It hasn't induced a period yet though.


I'm a little worried because we had unprotected sex yesterday (I know, it's very very stupid and I really regret it) and I'm not sure if that pill from last week protects me or if I need to take a new one to cover this time. I'm having twinges in my lower stomach which makes me think that my period is on its way, but it's also got me freaking out that I'm pregnant! Rest assured, I'm having protected sex from now on!


Hope someone can help, thanks for reading.

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First you got to calm down, as hard as that is... Being worried about it will only make it 10x than it actually is.


Just get a preg test and get it over with, the longer u wait the more pressure will build up.


Also for future reference you should check out about going on BC if that is an option.

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I can understand using it because the condom broke, but something concerns me about this situation.. YOu should not use it as a form of preventing pregnancy. Use protection in the first place so that you wont have to worry about this. YOu should use the emergency pills if and when a mistake happens, like the condom breaks etc..


As for this recent foul up, like agent suggested, it may not be too late to take the pills... Also check with your doctor if your period doesnt come in time. Maybe you should consider getting on the birth control pill? This way you can make sure you dont conceive.


Good Luck whatever you decide

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The morning after pill doesn't induce your period - it just prevents pregnancy. It's basically just a big dose of birth control hormones.


It will NOT continue working for a week, so you DO need to get another one. Like others have said though - you shouldn't be taking huge doses of hormones every damn week. It's called the emergency contraceptive pill because it should be used for EMERGENCIES, not as a substitute for being responsible and using condoms and/or being on the pill.


If you don't have a condom and you're not on the pill, DON'T HAVE SEX. It's not that difficult. If you simply can't control yourself, settle for oral. Don't be stupid and risk a pregnancy because you can't control your urges.


Sorry if I'm being a little preachy, but it took forever to get the EC pill on the shelves because people kept arguing that if the ECP was available, people would become more lax about protecting themselves. Please don't prove them right.

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