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Is a guy who takes "juice" bad?

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I met a gorgeous guy. Just simply sexy BUT like alwaqys it was too good to be true. He has an amazing body and I just wanted to ask....."Is ur body all natural"? He replied with "Do u want me to lie a bit or tell u the truth"? I said the truth and he laughed and said okay I use to take "Juice" for those of u who dont know thats stereoids...Anyhow....I just wanted to know how bad is that when being intimate w/someone who takes that? (NO im not intimate w/him but I was very curious....

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Well for you there isn't any risk by being intimate with him. For him on the other hand, he is taking an incredible risk to his own health. There are well documented side effects of organ function being affected as well as consquences to the reproductive system.


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Is he off it though as he is "cycling" (when on steroids you do go on and off it as you take it in cycles), or because he quit it?


I know people whom have experimented with it, and it is not something I would do or condone however I know many whom tried it and never did it again so that for me is something I "could" get over. Someone whom does it regularly and currently would be a concern for me, not just health risks but due to the rage/personality changes (and yes they are very real). Repeated use can cause huge damage to his endocrine system, hence the changes in their reproductive organs, etc.

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If you plan on children in the future,


He isn't a good candidate,


He could be infertile,


And as others brought up,


He may be violent/mood changes,


Someone may look great on the outside,


But if they aren't in good health,


Because of their own medicinal abuses,


Are they really that great looking afterall?



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well if he is off of it i would guess it's a good start. but from what i have heard, it is suppose to make a guy smaller in the private region, but i have never personally experienced or talked to anyone who has had it happen.


I heard this too, and it is REALLY bad for women too..*China Doll*

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I've heard quite a few horror stories of body builders etc who've been using steroids. They often have problems with their nerves - they could go mad in one second and try to kill you, while on the second they might be seriously depressed. Also steroids do horrible things to your body, there was a body builder who died at the age of 21 - to his old age! His body was in the shape of a 85 years old guy, because of the steroids. A guy who wants a good body and is willing to risk his health for it is someone I'd stay away from.

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I think the biggest problem is not the effect the juice has had on him but the reasons he wanted to start juicing in the first place. Chances are he is extremely self-absorbed and borderline obssesed with his own body, he won't even be able to appreciate your body. You may catch him checking out the way his deltoids look while you are having sex rather then checking out your body.

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