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WHEN DOES IT END? I'm so stressed out


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Listen, work sucks. Its my boss, he bullies me. I haven't experienced that since high school and below. I always got picked on because of my height, I'm 5'2.


But I've applied to 10 jobs and this one hired me, and I'm still looking. The pay is good at 8/hr, and I have 800 dollars in bills per month. But I hate this butthole so much. I feel so weak. And he just tires me out at work too because I can't think straight.


Not to mention all my friends are out hanging out. Its Friday night. I missed out on movies tonight, and I could go join my roommate and her boyfriend at some country bar. But I'll just be a 3rd wheel. I hate that. I could go drinking beer with them tonight, but I don't want to fall into drinking away my problems again.


I haven't drank or smoked in a week now. But I feel so stressed.


I couldn't even get a job at the Anthropology department and theres no other job in this hick town that relates to my career.


Fate is really screwing with me. I don't belong in this world. I'm a loner. I don't have any family. I've never had a relationship. I've tried, it just isn't in my favor.


I can't even progress spiritually. There isn't a Buddhist temple in this town, but I do read the Tao Te Ching everyday.


My head is all clogged up with nothing. What am I to do with my life?

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when all is lost, lose everything and start over new


if your boss is a * * * * * * *, join the club. i know plenty of people who stress out over their work and watch their social life crumble because of it (poor rural folk). i don't know how they deal with it, so sry for that, but a great idea is to get involved into something. it's always worked for me (yeah i know i'm 14)

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Try first to find some peace within yourself. Then treat every issue seperatly you sound stressed physically mentally and emotionally and even spiritually try to find relief one by dealing with one problem at time like spiritually believe that no matter what the temple is within you do some searching maybe you over looked some were try the internet maybe there is a group of people that meet for spirituall fullfillment, mentally accept love and respect yourself and accept no less in return, emotionaly dont close yourself in allow people into your cirlcle being a loner is not healthy need a friend you can always come here or your more than welcome e-mail me, physically on what ever day you have off take time to pamper and treat your self trust me it works even if you only do it for a couple of hours you will feel much better and will have that you day to look forward to.

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Aggie, believe me. You are not the first person to have a boss from hell. I think there is some unwritten rule that you have to have one...lol.


Approximately three years ago I got a job editing a local newspaper. I really liked what I did, but the pay was crappy and my employer was the equivalent of Meryl Streep's character in "The Devil Wears Prada." Only my devil wore a cowboy hat and boots(this is Texas)...

Nothing was EVER good enough for my boss. He was vulgar, belligerent, and childish. He cussed all of the employees out on a habitual basis.

And one week I turned out a completely flawless news paper...And he griped about next week''s paper...


All of the employees quit while I was there. I hung in for five months and then I just thought, "screw it." I told him off and walked out...


I got another job, and I went back to school to finish up my degree...Best choice I made.


Believe me, you have other options. You don't have to put up with the abuse...


And don't feel bad about being 5'2. I'm 5'9...not much taller...haha.

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