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trust program [my best poem i've done].


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I was told love conquered all

Years of tears made me someone better

But I'm still small at heart

If breaking the program is hardcore

Well, kissing her is killing me


If I'm as weak as the girl that I fell for

Then I'm no man after all

And if my balls don't fit the kid I am

Then I guess I'm no man…


I remember when these poems

Gave a smile that spilled these words

"I love you", oh "I need you"

But masking the truth, "I hate you"

Love's a lie, truth be told

Love sells fifty cents, was I sold?


You expect these pepper lips -

To tell what you've wanted to hear

Suck up to the sweetheart

Until my heart stands to depart her

I guess if I'm weak at heart

Then let mascara run of eyes undone


Love her; believe that I hold her

With a modest smile

She knows my eyes are oh-so paper-thin

To wage a war against another

I'm just not ready to love one other


If wearing size "small" keeps me a kid

Then crying for the heart of her

Well, that makes me weak

And I guess I'm not ready for love


If kissing her is killing me

And these balls just can't fit the man I am

If size "small" is a perfect fit

Well, I'm not the boy after all

If I cry then I'm only trying to say

Love is the reason why -

I cry for the girl I fall for


I guess truth be told, I'm no man




based on how i spent 3 years in a mess over one girl. and how i'm still not ready to get into love again.


i'll be ready to lend my life to someone else when i do though.


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