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Why am I the target for sex?


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Guys know what works, and if you want to have sex with a girl then you dont take her out on a date instead you just ask her to chill (usually at his place). That is the nature of the game and how it works. As for you personally there could be many reasons why they want you for sex.

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No affence but you may have a name known for it?.. Guys gossip a lot to be honest. And it could be the people your hanging out with. And you should make guys work for it, it's the easiest way to tell what their after. And Im a guy and what I want is a meaningful relationship so its not entirely fair to stereotype guys.

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its because guys learn the hard way. BELIEVE me when its not always clear what a guy usually has to go through in order to get a date with a woman. i mean really guys get more games and crap fed to them JUST BECAUSE the woman can't take him sincerely. this as a result causes the guy not to invest himself anymore after being rejected and essentially "not being good enough". and this DOES go on.


he was probably at one point the one much like these women are, who seem to get the tail end of games. trying to reach the girl but only getting their voicemail. then when you show interest they tell you they're not looking for a relationship but can just be friends. then you find them the next weekend with another guy making out.


depending on your views and beliefs what this guy is doing could be seen as games and playing around with emotions, but as far as i can tell he isn't doing anything. if anything, chances are he's the type of guy that doesn't want to invest too much interest in right away, but will try to give you the opportunity to display interest. just because women want to make sure the guy infront of them is the real deal, guys too want to make sure the woman in front of him is the real deal.


we're both tired of the same thing, yet what we both want in the end we don't seem to give each other. funny how that is.

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