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I found out he is working with his ex!

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Last night I found out that my boyfriend has been working with his ex girlfriend. He mentioned her name a month ago when she started working there, and last night i asked him if it was his ex and he said yes.

He said that it wasnt a big deal and he didnt want to worry me at the time as we were already going through a disagreement and he was worried i would split up with him.

he says she hasnt been his girlfriend since he was 17 (he is 22 now) but i had seen them together a year ago when i was with my old boyfriend. He says there is nothing to worry about and that he was worried about how i would react and that it wasnt an issue for him- they are just friends. He swore that he didnt get her the job there, but im not sure i believe him. He says that if he wanted to be with her he would be with her by now. We had got closer recently and he makes a lot of effort to spend time with me. He is round my house a lot of the time.

We discussed it and he said that it was a lose lose situation if i wouldnt trust him from now on.

I had been worried on the weekend when an old 'friend' called him at 3 in the morning, but he spoke to her like she was a friend. And i told him that i felt he was secretive with his phone sometimes but he didnt seem to see it and said that i had more text and calls than he does.

I agreed to take it as nothing and believe that he is with me for me and doesnt want her, (which is very hard for me because i have had serious issues with trust)

Should i give him the benefit of the doubt? i am very afraid of getting hurt.

He asked me if i wanted to speak to the girl and then joked that she would probaly say there was something going on and he would be in even more trouble! but i wasnt in the mood to feel i could joke about this!

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well, i think i can relate a little to what u're saying, women just have these instincts that most times turn out to be right. I mean why is she calling him at 3 inthe morning,I wuld be mad too if it were me. Women have to understnad what ex means, it means u're not together anymore, yes yall can be friends, but u ahve to respect the other person's relationhip, at least know what time to call him, not 3 in the morning!

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