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Begging for love

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Could people ever see themselves begging someone to love them, to have a relationship with them?




I didn't beg but I wanted so badly for a girl to want a relationship with me, but she didn't. She adores me, chases me, enjoys being with me, insists on meeting up with me, misses me a lot, ....... but she doesn't want a relationship with me. Can there be anything more horrible?


One thing I did learn from this. I realized that I didn't have any control over this girl. I just couldn't get her as a girlfriend. I felt powerless. It then dawned on me that we just cannot control other people.. their behavior and what they want to do. In the same light it occurred that the only person I can control is MYSELF I have now convinced myself not to be interested in this girl EVEN if she wants me. She has caused way too much pain.

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Personally I couldn't see begging someone to love me.

I would feel like I was being bossy, or that I was presuring (spelling?) someone into loving me.

If one thing is for sure, it's that you can't make someone love you.

I guess I've never attempted that before because it seemed pointless.

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I begged once. I loved him with everything, and didn't want to face reality.

Well, I learned my lesson.

I saw his face when I was begging. It was sad for me.

I then felt ashamed.

I had lost some of his respect in that moment, and I had abandoned my own dignity.


Oh, it also doesn't work. It can't, even if they 'take you back'.

It isn't consistent with reality and how real relationships work.


How do you convince someone to love you?

-You can't.


I'm a stubborn sort who has relied on 'winning the point' a lot. It helps at work.

In love and relationships, it doesn't.

We become less lovable the more we try to be right and 'convince'.


Sorry, it's a tough lesson to learn and you will learn it in your own time. I only hope you don't have to go down too low to see it.



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