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i dont know if this is normal or not

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Hello agein,ill keep it quick and simple


My gf and i have a wanderfull relationship,shes my frist gf and we get alogn greatly

we have been together for allmost 1 and half years now,and it kinda frustrates me cuz iven with allt his long she still hold me up in something,she dossent go 2 far when we kiss cuz afraid we might get carried away,plus she still holds out on me alot and im kinda starting to get frustrated cuz she dossent iven want to do anything umm kinki with me.we want sex after marrige thing but is ezer for her to wait wile for me is a pain and depreses me,i dont know if this is normal or not i dont know if im being an azz by thinking all this,i dont iven know how to say this...in short...im sad cuz she wont be kinki or more sexually open with me..whatever u want to call it

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I totally agree with rikka. I mean it is normal that you want more but you and her have a clear understanding about what you guys want dont let this come in between what you described as a good relationship.

On another note I know this might sound nasty or whatever but I am just trying to help self help yourself before you go to see her relieving yourself might help.

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The best you can do is set down and have a discussion with her about boundaries. Do so at a time when you are not sexually intimate. As usual communicate with her and let her know how you feel. She may be willing to do more than you think. Firm boundaries may be best here.

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Although I know you know it, I have to say rikka made an excellent point, next, what ever pace you think the relationship should going, forget it, every relationship is unique and there are no rules that govern what couples should be doing after a certain time together.

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