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Ok, back in June I went on vacation out of state. I had to end it 2 days early and come home because I got what was said to be a stomach flu. I got better for a few days and then slammed again and had three relapses like that thereafter. I have lost 30lbs since June 9th. Thus far I have had a barrium swallow/contrast CT scan, a doppler to rule out my gal bladder and have run through reglan, protonix, zantac, nexium, librax, phenagan, zofran, and now stay on carafate and librax and nexium.


I got better, my DR took me off the carafate/librax combo after about a month and then I got an infection. I had to take an anti-infective medication and that tore my stomach up and to top it off I got a bonnafied stomach flu (what luck no stomach flu in 2 years and then two in a summer right?)


They are sceduleing me for an EGD (scope down my throat into my tummy thing) and until then I wait. They believe it's GERD and an acid burn of the stomach.


I guess my issue is this... it keeps coming back. I don't think they kept me on the carafate long enough to heal the ulcer. Nothing showed up on the doppler or CT but they say an internal acid burn of the stomach wouldn't. I have so much pain, the nausea sucks and the depression from the librax isn't fun either but the other ones like it caused me to have panic attacks (wouldn't you panic if you had been sick for 3 months?)


Anyone else been through this? Going through this? A little light at the end of the tunnel or even a bit of advice, pep talk etc would do me wonders about now. My spirits are down. I am only 27 and a mother of two I don't have the time to be sick like this but my body says differently. It took the DR's 2 months just to find meds that helped me. I am now on ativan for the panic that lingers after being sick so long. Just tell me you have been there, it gets better, I won't keep getting sick. Something. I am starting to feel hopeless.

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You went on vacation you ate contaminated food or water and have been most likely infected with the Helicobacter pylori bacteria.Tell your doctor that you've been on a vacation and that the symptoms appeared during this period. Ask your doctor for the likelyhood of being contaminated with helicobacter, and if this is the case you should get a bismuth drug called peptodismol, along with acid lowering drugs like amoxycillin, clarithromycin, tetracycline and metronidazole. Repeated tests afterwards are needed to see if the bacteria has been totally eradicated. You may question/discuss these things to your doctor, what's important is that they take a sample of the infection to see what bacteria is causing the infection, its not unusual for the helicobacter to re-appear within one year. unfortunately Id like to discourage you into seeking professional medical advice on a messageboard, i do encourage you to find information about what might be wrong with you, so that you can use the information to ask questions to a REAL medical expert. We here on Enotalone can only give you a big hug *HUGS* , and encourage you ,and stating that you need to do everything in your power (not rushing it) to try to find the BEST OF THE BEST experts in the medical field available to treat your illness. I wish i could take some of the pain away from you, so maby you can ask your doctor for painkillers too.

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Ok, well seeing how I have GERD myself I need to set the record straight.


The drugs mentioned: amoxycillin, clarithromycin, tetracycline and metronidazole are antibiotics and NOT antacids. They will do nothing to impact your stomach acid output. They are meant to fight bacterial infections.


If they are going to do an endoscopic exam on you then I will not kid you, it will be unpleasant. They will give you some valium or other sedatives to make you relax. Then they will put a block into your mouth so you do not bite down on the tube. After that they will insert the probe down your throat and have a look around. If they find something suspicious, they can take a biopsy of the tissue for further testing. At that time they can also determine if you are infected with H Pylori.


If you are, then you will be given an antibiotic to clear it up. If you are not, you will likely be given either proton pump inhibitors (Protonix, Omeprazole, Nexium, etc) or other acid reducing drugs like it appears you were on previously. You will also be given dietary suggestions and other advice about how to get yourself feeling better.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there. The endoscopic exam should be able to tell them a great deal about what is wrong.

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Thank you both so much for the responses. Sometimes just the reassurance is all I need. They have blood tested me for H Pilory (one of the first things they did) and believe it is an NSAID induced ulcer which is very likely since I was an Army wife for 5 years and always on motrin for something or another. I will keep ya posted on the scopes. Just needed to know people have been through this and that it ends. Much love for this


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