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need some opinions....FAST!


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I have a situation where I met my ex SO at work. Even though we are broken up, we still see each other occasionally and still profess our love for each other. Emotions are still high.


Here's the dilema...I have an opportunity to go to a company dinner, a very nice company dinner. I have been seeing someone else for two weeks. Would it be a slap in the face to the ex SO for me to bring my new friend. My ex SO wouldn't be there since he's on shift at work.


I respect his feelings even though we know each other dates other people. I know it would hurt me if he did this to me even though we aren't "together" anymore. Everyone at works knows my ex SO and me since we all work together!


I think it would be nice for my new friend to attend with me, but the overwhelming possiblity of some really hurt feelings stops me.


What do ya'll think? Would you invite the new guy, or just go alone?

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As you describe it I would not. Why unnecessarily hurt someone for one night's fun at a dinner. You will have many opportunities to go out to dinner elsewhere with the new guy.


If you would hate it if he did it to you, don't do it to him.

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I agree with DN, don't invite the new guy. First of all, I think it is far too soon in the relationship to be introducing him to your coworkers. Better to wait until it is serious.


And things can always blow up in your face. If you bring him, and you wind up breaking up a few weeks later, your co-workers will be gossiping about it and your ex will find out. it could be embarrasing.


and plus, if you wouldn't want him to do it to you, don't do it to him!


good luck

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