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Meetings (dates?) with ex, cards, and scary guys...

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I think I know the kind of responses I'm going to get, but I felt like I should share this anyway...The movie with my ex that I posted about a few days ago went well. He greeted me with a hug, there physical contact during the movie was minimal (he was sleepy, so halfway during the movie he decided to lay down, and the only way for me to remain sitting up was to drape my legs sideways over his). He also kind of fidgeted with my hand for a while, and there was a little mock wrestling...but that was all (he's not the kind to jump anyone, lol). He said he hoped I didn't feel awkward, I said I was fine, and he reminded me once again that I should do "what feels right."


The next day we explored our new college campus together (both transfer students). A fairly long walk, during which we got a chance to catch up on what happened in the last week. No hand-holding, but no huge space between us either. He insisted on paying for my lunch...and we have one class together, so we decided to buy just one set of textbooks between the two of us (saves money, and we're planning to study together). He seemed very grateful for me helping him out with everything, since I'm more familiar with the campus and he knew nothing about buying textbooks (his old school had rental facilities -- boo on them, textbooks are ridiculously expensive!). He carried my books to my car...hugged me goodbye, said that we should hang out next week, since I have to see the sequels to the movie...And a few hour later I got a message from him -- he thanked me again.


I felt very comfortable with things, we had good talks during the walk and over lunch, and I think it's fairly safe to assume that he's not actively trying to shun my company. In fact, every time we hung out since the breakup (except one) was his idea -- I don't want to seem clingy, so I try not to initiate anything. Yes, I miss the romantic aspect of things like crazy, but seeing him makes me happy, he still lets me be myself 100%, we're still supportive of each other...so I guess it's okay to hang out like this, right? We'll see each other on a regular basis in class anyway...and when we first started dating, there was never a formal beginning of our relationship, it just kind of evolved. I guess I hope that if we hang out as friends enough, the romantic feelings will come back on his part, or else I'll gradually stop seeing him as a potential boyfriend again. Thoughts on this? Speak up if you think I'm wrong...


Also, two questions. He's been promoted and next week will be his first time working as a supervisor. Do you guys think it would be okay to get him a congratulations/good luck card? Nothing fancy, just a simple "Good luck, I know you'll do a great job" sort of thing?


And then...I had a really creepy guy express an interest in me today (just randomly walked into my workplace). Honestly, I'm scared witless. It's not like I think he's going to stalk me, but I'm just feeling very uncomfortable about the whole thing. My ex said that I can always use him as an excuse to get out of gnarly situations...so does he have a right to know that I had a gnarly situation (my first one of the kind)?

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The card sounds fine. Leave any words of love out of it.


The creepy guy, you should be on the lookout, that's all.


The rest of it, sounds fine too. Some of the things he did seem to indicate interest, or him asking if you are interested, in something. His laying down, fidgetting with your hand and wrestling all are him creating some physical contact between the two of you.

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