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As far as I can remember I have always tried to top each ex appearance wise, if you were to see pictures of each ex gf over time you will notice a different on what "number" of beauty they would rank, thus it makes it hard to find a woman that I will actually hold on to, I know its wrong and I know that looks aren't everything believe me, but I feel that in the beginning outside attraction can be important, I don't want to think this way though, about having to top how good a woman looks compared to my ex, any suggestions on how I can force myself to get off this train of thought?

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Falling for a woman for her beauty (although perfectly normal) is actually a form of stupidy, because your going for the 'shell' that's outside of it, and not for the soul that is within that body. Its also a form of immaturity, and actually its a very sad affair that beauty is needed to for people to love eachother. In other words, watch out from being 'shallow' start becoming mature and value people for who they actually are, soulwhise i mean.


Its something that your brain just doesn't accept that you could be with an less attractive person and having the time of your life. i can assure you it happened to me, and now i consider that person to be more beautifull then ever.

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