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Can't Pick Up The Phone When He Calls....

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Okay, here's the story: I met this guy a while ago who's a lot older than me. Because I'm stupid, I said yes when he asked me out. Now, I'm completely uncomfortable. I find I become near physically sick when he touches me in any way. I have to break up with him, but I'm not sure how to do it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Just tell him that your parents found out about him and have forbidden you to have any more contact with him. If he gives you a hard time tell him they have threatened to call the police if he won't leave you alone.


It is a lie (since your parents don't actually know) but it is ok in a situation like this.

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Usually I don't approve of lying but in this case I am sure it would be ok. It makes it easier on you and and on him because it makes it less personal.


You could 'tweak' it a little and say your parents don't approve. That isn't exactly right but you know they would not approve if they did find out - right? So it's massaging the truth a little.

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I suggest you break up with him face to face, that way he understands you are fully serious about breaking up. Over the phone is sometimes misunderstanding and ex's can become annoying, they can keep calling you that way and asking if you're sure. Face to face is much better, breaking up is always hard though so I suggest you take a friend along with you while you let him down easily. That way you have someone to lean on afterwards and they can be an easy escape to the situation. Example, if the guy you're dumping says "can we sit down and talk about this?" you can reply with "oh I can't sorry, my friend is waiting in the car for me."

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Not sure you should say your parents don't approve... This could make him think that you still want to be with him but are being held back by your parents, and he might still try to contact you if he can think ye can avoid your parents' detection. I like Ms. Babydoll's idea a bit better. (Besides face to face is a bit more respectful)

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