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Was seeing a girl, and she told me all the usual lies.


"We'll be together", "I love you", "We have something special"


Turns out I was just a way to get back at some guy who left her, and now that he decided to get back with her she dropped me without looking back.


Hurt has blossomed into hate, and I will have my revenge. I won't hurt her physically, nor will I do anything illegal, but I do have some info that could get her in trouble, possibly deported.


Good bye baby!

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whoa! deported? that's pretty extreme.


you're better off not exacting revenge. it doesn't get you anywhere. trust me.


you'd do better to concentrate on your own life and make it happy and fulfilling. do you really need to make her life suck to feel better about your own? i think deep down you know that you don't.

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So you really want to sink to her level?


Yes, what she did to you was harsh. But why not just use that as revenge. Make her look like a bad girlfriend when people ask you what happened between you both.


If you do something extreme like that, you will only look worse.. and seriously, what you do will get around, and that's not going to be attractive to any new girls. I mean, who wants to date someone with the reputation that if you break up with them, he will turn and do something worse to you?


The best revenge is to just move on with your life.

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I'm sorry you hurt but revenge is a waste of effort.

Every time my siblings or I got burned in love, my dear mother had the same response. "You picked them." No matter how we pressed our case for victim status she'd just repeat it.

Live and learn.

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I hope this will help, but there is something a close friend said to me shortly after my ordeal.


"Success is the best revenge". You need to pick yourself up and work on you. Granted im still trying to do that myself, that quote has been major inspiration to me. I still daydream about telling her apartment complex that she has pets (they dont allow it), or other vengeful acts, but YOU MUST NEVER ACT ON THEM or you'll end up regretting it later on.

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One thing I was thinking.... what exactly is this information? depending on what it is, you may want to report it. If you know he is involved in a terrorist plot, you should say something. If you know he is dealing drugs to kids, say something. But, if it's something not so serious, then just drop it.

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