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What to make of this? Ex still gets mad if I hang out with other girls

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Hi all,

I've been reading these forums and have picked up alot of good advice, especially NC.

But I need help figuring out what my ex wants.


Here's the story, She broke up with me 2 mo ago, a month into the break up she tells me that she never see's us being together ever again and that I shouldn't worry about what she's doing and who she's talking to and that I should go find someone else to worry about(I was at the psycho stage where I'd ask her those types of questions). So 2 weeks ago I initiated LC because NC is impossible at the moment because she still has her two cats @ my house. She is supposed to pick them up this week, so she calls me every few days to check up on them.

Well Today is the day she is planning to get her cats, she calls me and tells me she's coming over later to pick them up, asks me if I've been cleaning the house(It was a mess the first month she left cause I didn't feel like I wanted to do anything). I told her everything is nice and clean, then she ask If I had cleaned it because I had people over, I told her not to worry about it.

She said she didn't want any girls over cause she didn't want them getting playful with her cats, I told her it's her fault they're still there. I told her I had a few girl friends over after we had gone clubbing to hang out and sober up before they drove home(my house is walking distance from the club). She asked if they played with her cats, i said no I had put them away in the room cause it wasn't a good idea to mix drunks and cats together.

She then asked how long they were there and if any of them spent the night.. i said no, they just hung out for a couple of hours and I walked them to their car and that was it.. Then she asked me why I had to walk them to the car, i said I was just being a gentlman. She then said she was done talking to me and to just call her back when I get off work so she can get the cats.


What do you all make of it? I am naturally inclined to think that she still cares and fantasize us getting back together, but I know u guys know better than me..


LC is working well for me btw.. I feel stronger and stronger everyday.. I like looking @ my phone and not seeing her # in my dialed calls log. Pretty soon it will be NC cause the cats are going to be gone and there is nothing left for her to call me about.

I do still miss her alot and want to work things out, but I'm not as needy as the first few weeks.

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She seems very self-centered and doesn't want you to be the first to get into another relationship.


It will be interesting to hear how she conducts herself when she comes over. If i were you I would refuse to answer any questions about who you have been seeing - even if you haven't been seeing anyone.

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