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It's been a bit over one month of NC with my ex.


We were so close getting back together before I started NC. She said she regretted breaking up with me 2 years ago and that she wanted to be with me again, but she kept stalling saying she needed to spend more time in her town and save up money first. Her other ex lives in the same town and another guy she hangs out with, which I was sure she had a crush on. (I could just tell, cause she was stalling and she talked about him sometimes).


I just snapped and went NC without telling her why. She then texted wanting to know what she did and I wrote her an email explaining why. I said you led me on telling me you miss me, regret breaking up with me, telling me your in love with me (she even told me all this when she was with her last ex), but you are all talk and no action. I told her I felt I was her backburner boyfriend.


Well she was MAD!! She slammed me on her myspace blog and I retaliated by slamming her back with a comment, and saying she's one of the most negative people ever, then I left it at that, deleted myspace page and since then I have had STRICT NC.


Seems it has been all talk and no action from her for 2 years and thats why I snapped, and when she started talking about this new guy, even though she said he was just a friend I thought "enough."


So throughout the month of NC I have had 2 anonymous calls, 2 weeks apart (I'm sure they were from her). I didn't answer them and there were no voicemails. I have checked her myspace everyday (I know - BAD!) She just set her profile to private yesterday to where only her friends could check it. When I read her blogs before I guess her and that guy hooked up (I knew it)! Cause she talked about how he is messin with her head and standing her up, etc. Then she started writing blogs saying how her life sucks.


Anyways, I just really miss her this week, its awful, I am remembering all the good times with her and the bad is fading. I am starting to feel like I made a mistake doing NC, or I was too harsh doing it and I jumped the NC gun too soon, but I just snapped cause I was tired of her stalling. And she is soo angry with me, I dont know if she still is, but I imagine so. All I've gotten are a few measly private calls. Then I start to think if I wouldn't of started NC maybe we would be together right now, but my instinct then told me to start NC.


If she really cared you think she would really try to get in touch. Also it's weird she changed her myspace to private, she couldnt of known I was checking it cause I wasnt a member but only for an hour to write her a nasty comment, then I deleted my profile. Anyways I really miss her. I just hate the fact that she probably hates me for standing up for myself, but I was tired of being the backburner boyfriend. I feel as though if she really wanted to be with me she would, nothing standing in her way.

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u did the right thing. nc is the way to go. Mine tried the same thing after our breakup...I want to be with you but I'm scared...I regret so much blah blah...but in the end she was just tryin to get me to hang around until the summer when now she has a new bf. So we havent talked in over a month now....and its fine. They try to hold onto you as a friend bc if their new relationship doesnt play out...they think that you will be there for them. So by going nc...you help yourself and also may make her realize that she does need you after all

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Yep you did the right thing. Stalling and making you wait around was not fair of her. It hurts but she did not want the relationship if she was stalling that much. The whole "not now but later" excuse is way overused...when will people get that they can't have people waiting around to be with them and they wouldn't if they really wanted the person. Sorry you had to go through that! Stay strong. NC all the way.

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