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How long is too long?


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Hey all!! You may remember my past posts about a girl who I met, got drunk with made out with, and then a few days later had coffee with (when I had to get my clothes back from her room). So the last time I was her was a week ago today, what I want to know is if it would be too long to give her a call and ask her on another (well first proper) date?


I will be truthful with you, it has taken me a week to think about calling her because i was pursuing another lady friend. Yet after talking with her tonight it would appear she has another guy in her sights, or trying to play games that I am not interested in playing. I have also been busy with uni and work, but really I could have found the time to call.


Anyway what do you think? too late or not?

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I would say to definitely call. I'm sure she's been waiting all week to hear from you!


It's ok to date other people, I mean, until you make a commitment to one girl. But if you are interested in this girl then call her and make a date. Let her know you have been thinking about her since you last went out.

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