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Artistic Reality


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Paint me beside the family I never had,

write a story about playing by the sea

Dream me into a place where I'm loved.

Work me into a picture, onto a canvas

where the world is simpler and gentler

and I'm in her arms.

Make the past different, hire a poet to

turn all the ugliness into bittersweet verse.

If you could paint a couple friends,

and a few relatives that didn't die,

a bunch of flowers and a few more stories before bedtime,

I'd be so much happier.

Wouldn't take much to make things kinder.

Build me a place to go when life rains on me

give me a childhood where I was free…

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Wow. That was pretty amazing. I've had one of those moments where its far past thinking the grass is greener on the other side.. you pretty much wish you could be somewhere else. It was really creative. Seems like you spend alot of time thinking over what you wish could be different.


Its hard that. Sometimes wishes seem as though they dont come true. Or maybe its not a wish, more a goal.


But we all know you have to work towards goals.


there are things in your poem that cant be changed, im presuming those aspects are ones that hurt the most. Unfortunately the only thing you can do with features such as loss of family and friends are come to terms with them. Its difficult, im not going to sugar coat that. But coming to terms DOESNT mean forgetting, it just means feeling comfortable with that knowledge.


If the poem is just a poem, then its beautiful. If its more than just a poem, i hope what i writ helped.


Youve got a talent, and its quite capturing. I like your work.


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