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How did you learn about the birds and the Bees?

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I was just wondering how everyone here learned about "the birds and the bees"?? lol. I learned from a disturbing cartoon my mom rented. I guess she didn't wanna have to describe it to me, so she rented this weird cartoon made to explain sex to your kids! it traumatized me!! LoL

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well i just learnt from what I saw...what I heard and just from what people are saying you know but i never got that "talk"

Same for me. I got the "as parents, we just have to let you know not to have sex." They pretty much assumed we knew what sex was, and we did. Not hard... penis & vagina. LOL. Plus, I've had anatomy classes and everything.



And question: Why are they called the birds and the bees anyways?!

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Best I can remember, is that some girls had pamphlets at school about females getting their periods and then a more detailed pamphlet about the reproduction that they had gotten somewhere. Everyone was passing it around reading it. I remember thinking, "wow, so that's how it's done " !!

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When my mother told me what a period was ( I was about 10), I cried. I thought it would be so horrible. At that moment I hated being a girl. Once I got my first period at age 13, I couldn't believe I made such a big deal about it.


I always thought sex education at school was hilarious. The teachers would get angry because everyone would be laughing. One girl asked how gay men had sex, she said "what goes in where?". The teacher turned bright red and said "I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about". Yeeeaaaahh big help you were teacher.

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Sex ed was called "Social Hygiene" for some lame reason. I imagined lots of handwashing and toothbrushing. Like miserableme's teacher, mine avoided any talk of real sex and spent time with slides of organs and wigglers assaulting an egg.


I wondered why anyone wanted to do this stuff and what would happen to me. The subject had an air of doom, so I wanted no part of it. To this day I have a degree of ambivalence about doing something intended to make babies. May be a contributor my oral fixation.


I seriously think a porn film would've been less traumatic. I'd seen my sister do some weird moves with her bf, but those cutaway drawings of abdomens were creepy.

The worst part was the funereal tone of the teacher, and lack of lively discussion or even a hint of humor. It was like discussing death.


Hopefully kids today have a better intro to responsible whoopee.

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High School and my own need for knowing the whys behind the world.


My family being the way they were raised Sex equaled dirty and not to be talked about at all. Most of the adult community was also like that.


Lucky me had no idea what a period was when it came about and thought I was going to die. That was fun. I can't remember how I found out, but eventually I figured everything out through my own motivation. Obviously at that point no one was giving up the information willingly. I think that in itself triggered a knowledge interest.


Though in the later grades (High School particularly), people really started their mass chatter and learned more then when you seen fellow classmates whom were pregnant. We had a pretty poor Teenage Pregnancy Prevention program nonetheless. Think they would of been much better off teaching people about Protection than how to avoid Sex all together.


By Senior year here you were adapted enough to it that you could ring off all the pregnant classmates, father and due dates (if you knew them) without blinking or flinching. It was a strange, strange way to learn but worked for me, though I don't think many people would go for that method. I think the pregnancy rate proved that.


Yet for me and the way I've learned by my own doing for most part, I never did get that "Oh my its Sex!" taboo that everyone else did who were more openly exposed to the Sex talks when HS came about.


Guess I'm backwards, who knows what the deal is but once I found about about the birds and the bees my attitude was, "Well thats nice. Know the process. Know what to allow and what to avoid. Okay, thats that. Next topic."

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I was five. I was supposed to be staying in my aunts guest wing to lay down and rest and they told me I could watch the Ninja Turtles Movie. She went into her teenage sons bedroom and grabbed a tape out of the VCR and I took it back with me.


What the tape ended up being was an vintage group sex porno called "Roman Orgie" with all these people in white togas and huge bushes of pubic hair and disco music playing. I watched the whole thing, and once I grew up have always wanted to have group sex wearing a toga.... I wonder why??

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When I was like 3.... my parents thought it would be a good idea to get a children's book that explained the mechanics of where babies came from. Unfortunately, I was a wee bit too facinated and embarrassed them (I think it was the reaction that I liked). The book eventually "disappeared" and I didn't talk about sex like EVER with my parents.


I learned about the "fun" parts of sex from racy romances.

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IT was kind of funny that by the time my school decided to allow sex ed classes many of us were 14- 18 years old already. A little late for that age group on the basics of sex and reproduction. We are talking in the mid 1970's here. Everyone was always acting goofy and silly in class, and paying very little attention to teacher.


We were required anyway to take the class for 6 weeks. It was taught by the biology teacher. She left before the course was over and a gay minister whom was also the Health teacher taught the remainder of the class for the last two weeks. The boys in the class gave this poor guy such a hard time with the questions.

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I first learned the basics from an explanation by my dad, but it was a bit vague and, having never seen the female organs he was describing, I had no idea how it actually worked.


Then I had friends that told me a lot of other details, porn galore, and finally the most important part of the learning process: doing. I've only had sex with one girl, but we did it so much that I became really good at it. She couldn't resist me, and I'm not all that physically attractive ^_^

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I always thought sex education at school was hilarious. The teachers would get angry because everyone would be laughing. One girl asked how gay men had sex, she said "what goes in where?". The teacher turned bright red and said "I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about". Yeeeaaaahh big help you were teacher.


My teacher NEVER liked me. My ex was in the class with me and we would always mess around kicking and punching each other playfully and stuff (we weren't together at the time). One day he thought of a question and didn't have the courage to ask the teacher so I did.


Me: "Is it possible for a man to keep having sex for hours and hours without ever running out of juice?"

Teacher: "I've never actually thought about it but it's possible."

Me (to my ex): "See Brandon, you can shoot for hours."

Teacher: "Go to the office!"


I got kicked out of that class more times than I can count

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I honestly can't remember how I found out what sex was but I can remember how I found out what gay was. My sister and I were watching something on Princess Diana when she died and Elton John was singing and my sister said something about it and I asked what it was and she told me.


I think I just figured out what sex was on my own though.

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Well I asked my brother who was always very honest in a way that was ok for kids, me im going to say this to my kids when I have them someday (if they ask when they are really little, if they are like 10 or 12 ill just be honest)


"when a mommy loves a daddy the daddy plants a seed in the mommy's tummy and nine months later they have a baby"


Subtle, honest and appropriate

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