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good friend kissing my brother

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About a year ago i found out that a good friend of mine was gay. I never saw it coming but have no problem with it. Until today that is...


This morning i stopped by my older brothers house to say hi. The door was already open so i just walked in, only to find my brother kissing my friend " ryan". I didnt say anything because well..i didnt know whether to scream at them or be happy for them. Now, my brother is not gay, well atleast i didnt think he was...im wondering now.. I just dont know if i should tell my brother what i saw, tell my friend, or just keep my mouth shut. I want to know whats going on but i dont know if they are ready to tell me or not.


What should i do?

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if you are willing to accept your brother if he is gay, then you can tell him you are happy he gets along so well with ryan and that u like him and think he is a great guy, a great gay guy. that should give your brother some clues and open a door for him to come and talk to you when he feels ready.


hope everything goes fine, keep us updated on your story

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