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Still sexually attracted to ex

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Hi guys.


Im just wondering is it normal to have split up with someone and still fantasize about them in a sexual way?


Well, I used to have an ongoing fling with two twin brothers for a couple of years (who were both cool about this) and we were all incredibly infatuated with each other, but feelings began to arise and things got messy as you can imagine.


Well my question is, how do I get past this infatution where I find them the most sexually atractive guys I have ever met (no exaggeration - I have never ever fancied anyone as much as I like these guys and we shared an incredible sexual chemistry).


I am single and have sexual erges and whenever I bump into them it's sooo hard to turn them down but I know I must. I just find myself keep fantasising about them lots and lots. They made me feel like a sex goddess too coz they share the same amount of attraction for me so that feeling is hard to let go of.


Am I normal to still be thinking of them in this way?? How can I get past the sexual erges? How do I get over them when I have never fancied someone as much in my whole life? I know it's just infatuation, but it still hurts when i think that it needs to be over because we started to get feelings for each other.

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You'll always remember sexual things you did with your ex. Me and my ex split up nearly 5 months ago and I still think about him sexually and he still thinks about me sexually (he feels like he is able to share these things as we are still really good friends)

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Karibo - find somethine else to take your mind off of these sexual urges. Like take a cold shower - that may work.


go swimming, reading, talk to friends, excercise, work-out, yoga, make something, paint write, express yourself in a creative way.


YOu will be surprised how much focusing on yourself just a little can help you snap out of it.



good luck -

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I was in a similar experiance. I was with brothers off and on for about 4 months until I just chose one of them *sighs* because feelings were out of control between me and the one brother.


Hell, I'm with Ian and we're engaged and I love him with my entire heart but I can honestly say that I've had dreams about my ex and I having sex even though I've been broken up with him for almost 2 years now. It's confusing and Ian knows and doesn't care because I never even talk to my ex anymore other than to be nice and say hi.

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