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scars are gone, i miss them and need some insight/advice

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ok i quit cutting over a year ago, and have had to relapses lately, its all over now. ALL MY SCARS ARE GONE. it took a year plus for the last one to go but its gone. i still have some cigarette burns and scars inflicted by other people but my SI scars are gone.


i miss them, and i have the urge to cut, seems win win here but i wont do it. someone very important to me made me realize, that its time for all the blood to stop falling. I wont do it. but the thing is, sad as it sounds i feel my scars were a part of me. people would look at them and see "he's messed up in the head" but id look at it and see a story, the story of all my tradgedies, and all the things i have been through, maybe its better not to see a daily reminder of it.


im just confused can anyone give me some insight i dont know anymore?



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are your scars, or the urge to cut like to stop the pain u feel inside???? if it is its better not to dwell in the past and instead of wanting to cut yourself again try to help people who has the same problem like you. Our past stories actually told can help other people cope with their problems. Instead of wanting to cut urself again tell some1 you know that needs help about your story so that ur helping some1 with ur story. Cause if its just for you then ur past didnt help anyone else.


for me i hit the bag or do weights to take the pain out inside. I punish the body a good way. i get healthier for it.


just my opinion.

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Beautiful, it is up to you if you want to cut or not. I understand what you mean about the scars, the ones on my arm have faded but are still there, a lot of my other ones have disappeared. It's like a piece of time is missing, because every scar is a story or something that happened...Whatever you decide just please don't get hospitalized.


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Well atleast you stopped..I still harm myself. It is a part of who I am..The scars remind me that I am stupid,ugly,lonely,and unstable. If I'm not reminded of these things I will feel empty. I understand wanting your scars..I just would hate not having mine for the same reason I cut. I need to show my pain.

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